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About Us

The Kori J. Collection is a collection of tools to aid you in your everyday life on your journey to physical fitness, health and wellness. We supply tools like fitness apparel, crystals, candles, gratitude journals and more all with you in mind. So if you're into simply into fitness, or holistic wellness we've got you covered.

We take pride in providing top notch customer service and we put love in everything we do and in every last one of our products. Happy shopping and we are sure you will find a little piece of MAGIC to call yours. 


                                     ABOUT THE FOUNDER

The founder, Kori J. is a Certified Happiness and Fitness Coach & Speaker who loves to see people find their magic within so they can truly be happy and be themselves without having to hide who they are from the world. 

Kori J. was inspired to become a life and fitness coach because of her very own story of surviving narcissistic abuse and domestic violence some years ago. She had to regain her sense of purpose and being as well as redefining her life and reclaiming her self worth through relearning self love and care. 

Kori is passionate and dedicated to helping others become healthy, well and whole, mind, body, heart and soul because she believes that is the only way to truly be happy. Kori J. always says, "Happiness is an inside job so be your own kind of MAGIC because happiness comes from the MAGIC within."